The Wheler Foundation




Estate Conservation Plan

The Foundation has a view to preserve and maintain its historic structures, particularly around Ledston Hall and parkland. 
There is a management scheme in place to maintain the buildings in a structurally sound and weatherproof condition.
In the long term the Foundation has ambitions to bring Ledston Hall out of dereliction, although this will require substantial funds.


The vast majority of agricultural land across both Estates is let to farmers.
The Wheler Foundation has a close relationship with these tenant farmers who manage the land with the environment in mind whilst still maintaining a viable farming business. 

Stewardship Agreements

There are a number of environmental stewardship agreements on the Estates including historic Countryside Stewardship Agreements and modern Entry and Higher Level Stewardship Agreements.
These agreements involve various management options including buffer strips around arable land and hedgerow cutting schedules, the majority of the options promote and maintain wildlife habitat.
This management is made possible by the involvement of the farmers who manage the land in the specific manner required by the Stewardship Agreements.

The Higher Level Stewardship Agreement on the Ledston Estate is a 10 year plan to improve wildlife diversity and habitat through specific management and improvement to the parkland, parkland trees and historic boundaries. 


A forestry management plan is in place across the Estate woodland - this is managed in-house and involves planting and thinning schemes amongst other initiatives.
As an on going project, roadside trees and those around public access areas are surveyed and continually monitored with associated works being carried out.


There is an area of wetland to the southern end of Ledston Estate which borders a nature reserve and is home to a large variety of bird species.




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